The pale fate

Enveloped within the depths of the murky marsh waters resided a ferocious and elusive creature known as Näkki.

Under the cloak of moonless nights, it would emerge from the shadows, ensnaring the lamenting village women and drawing them into its watery domain.

One fateful night, Näkki found itself entangled in the silvery bridge cast by the full moon, unable to escape its grasp. As the night wore on, its skin began to desiccate, and its eyes grew dim.

With the dawning of the sun's first rays, the bridge dissolved, and Näkki let out a soundless cry as it sank into the abyssal depths of the bog.

Since that moment, Näkki has vanished from those waters. Some believe it met its demise, while others conjecture that it gathers newfound strength in the unfathomable darkness.

As a reminder of the strange and enigmatic creature, you can still taste the tears of its victims in the obsidian swamp water. 

Limited 30pcs / version
Delivery time 3-15 weeks

Illustrations: Ville Tietäväinen